The 2nd Workshop on Social Media Visualization (SocMedVis)

in conjunction with the International AAAI Conference on Weblogs and Social Media  

Keynote Speaker: Hui Su

Visual Analytics for Social Business

Understanding deeper insights of social collaboration in an enterprise environment is really important when generating value from social business transformation. Visualizing social collaboration activities and insights can help people in the enterprise to do a better job in this dynamic economic environment. We are going to use several examples to demonstrate how visual analytics technologies help people to understand and explore what is happening in a social business environment, and help them to make decisions and change behavior. The examples will include but are not limited to: dynamic visualization of community evolution; a visual dashboard that offers rapid insight into the TwitterSphere and visualization of important employee topics and related sentiment from unstructured text data in social media.


Hui Su is Director, Collaborative User Experience, IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center at Cambridge. His major research activities now include Visual Analytics, Smarter Workforce, Social Analytics and Collaborative Decision Making. Hui has a long personal involvement in the fields of Human-Computer Interaction and Social Collaboration. In recent years, he has been leading research work in the areas of Software-as-a-Service and Cloud Computing, Internet-of-Things and Service Sciences.

He received his PhD from Tsinghua University, China in 1996. He joined IBM in 1996 and worked in IBM Research, China until 2008. During 1996-2008, he worked on information management, a SaaS platform, collaborative computing and human-computer interaction. During 2008-2010, Hui Su was a senior manager in IBM Watson Research Center in New York, leading research around cloud computing and its application in municipal shared services. During 2011-2012, Hui Su worked as the Associate Director of IBM Research, China. He filed dozens of patents and published papers and books in related areas.